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Also commonly called Gay Square Dancing – Modern gay square dancing is different from the traditional square dancing you may be familiar with. Although the calls we use are internationally recognized, gay styling is often applied which makes dancing even more fun.

A square is comprised of four couples facing each other in a square formation. A caller issues commands--usually mixed with music--which the dancers then follow. There are a wide variety of calls of different complexity. By mixing them together, a caller choreographs the dancers in fun and challenging ways.

Square dancing is not physically difficult, but it does involve learning a series of calls within an appropriate dance level. It cannot be learned as quickly as line dancing or two stepping. However, once you learn it, you have numerous dance opportunities available to you each month all over the country, and even internationally.Type your paragraph here.

BSQ Dance was CREATED FOR THE SGV LGBTQ Community & formalized over Cokes and Pizza on May 21, 1997. Our membership in the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs was ratified July 11, 1997. There were 5 founding members who were dedicated to bringing this powerful form of exercise and dance to the San Gabriel Valley.


In the beginning LGBTQ* individuals were barred from attending most square dance classes and dances, so 30+ years ago the IAGSDC (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs) was created to help facilitate and grow square dance opportunities for our LGBTQ* community across the world. Now We Flourish with clubs across the world including Japan and Canada!