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​​FRIDAY, August 3, 2018 at 7pm

Women's Group ~ FFFF Women's Night out

Jackalope Pasadena Summer Nights

Free admission

Join the women's group at Jackalope Arts on Friday and Saturday in Pasadena’s Central Park for a unique, curated shopping experience featuring the top trendsetting makers & designers of local goods. Featuring over 200 local, hand-selected artisans, food trucks and their first-ever beer garden sponsored by Rounds Premium Burgers, Jackalope Summer Nights offers attendees the perfect place to spend a summer evening.

Jackalope Summer Nights is FREE to attend. This location is open to all ages and is handicapped accessible. The beer garden is available for 21+ guests.  Leashed pets are welcome! 


We also We attend parties, picnics, and other LGBTQ activities as a group - just for fun!


We co-host FUN NIGHTS every 4-6 weeks
In conjunction with the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ Center

Many Styles of DANCING are embraced ~ country - two stepping - reels - contra - DJ  - disco...
you name it and it could show up at one of the awesome dances.(minimum 2 per dance)
Each Night is different, and you will always find fun, dancing & socializing!

 We co-host FFFF WOMEN'S NIGHTS generally first Friday each month
In conjunction with the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ Center
"First Friday Frolicking Females" Women's Evenings open to all females & identifiers: women, ladies, butches, fems, dykes, lesbians, transgender...whatever... We are females having fun, making new connections and strengthening existing bonds. In short creating and maintaining our San Gabriel Valley (SGV) area women's community. We do all kinds of fun things in and around the Greater San Gabriel Valley. SGV area has a rich and vibrant culture and history: special events, eateries, theater, movies, pubs, shopping, parks, farmer's markets and so much more including the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ Center... LET'S SEE IT ALL