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September 8, 2016


​2607 S Santa Anita Ave

​Arcadia, CA


We are a group of LGBTQ* individuals, Friends & Allies who enjoy Social Activities & Modern Square Dancing to Pop, Rock & County  music. Events are open to everyone regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, color...

Advanced & Challenge Dance Sat. Sept 24 @ 11am - 4:50pm

If You Can Walk Briskly and Listen to Instruction ... You Will Have FUN!

NEXT BEGINNERS CLASS: Fall 2016 in Arcadia

We are thrilled that you found us. Bloomin' Squares is a Fun High Energy Dance & Social Club. Check us out by attending one of our events: Dances, Classes, Dinners, Concerts & more.

International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. The IAGSDC supports gay and lesbian Modern Square Dance clubs worldwide & holds an annual convention in July.

There's nothing better than being loved and accepted just the way you are!


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Bloomin' Squares is proud to offer Beginner and Advanced Square Dance Classes. Our Beginner Program runs 20 weeks. Our Advanced Program runs approximately 12 months.

Saturday Dances monthly. All classes & Dances are "Family Friendly" environments.

BsqDance     (818) 945-1189

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